What's New: Temporary Studio

What a month it's been! At the beginning of this year we got our first very own office space, four months on and we had outgrown this space and needed a studio to make our interiors in as well as desk space to pack orders and work from. 

The search was long and we viewed so many unsuitable spaces. After a month or two we came across Blank Studios and the space they offered us couldn't be more suitable! 
Sadly the space is only temporary and we have to find somewhere new again in September but for now, it's perfect! 

From Blank Studio we will be packing your orders, designing and making our interiors (see the collection here) and doing general laptop work. 

We are currently looking for someone to help us with the making of our interiors. Please email us on info@thelittledeer.co.uk if you are interested. 

Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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