Armaglass - First Generation Plant Botherer.

We met Sarma, creator of Armaglass at Netil Market - which is a weekly market in Hackney, London that we trade at on Saturdays. Sarma is there every week with a stall full of her hand crafted terrariums, glass hangings and her friend Ana: Kana Ceramics.
After swooning over her geometric, succulent wonders for weeks on end, owner of Little Deer - Jade finally decided it was time to purchase one.

Jade says: 'After spending weeks on end circling Sarma's stall and scoping out which terrarium was the 'best' I chose this medium sized glass pyramid with white pebbles. It's a great plant for me to keep at the office as it requires little attention, just a little tiny cup of water every couple of weeks and this little guy is happy.'

Sarma has recently launched her website and has begun making more glass and dried plant wall hangings.

Find her (and us!) at Netil Market, Westgate Street, London E8 every Saturday.

Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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