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We first spotted Katie on Instagam. We're always scouting new girls/bloggers to work with at Little Deer and Katie stood out to us for her bold tattoos and her beautiful baby face but most importantly Katie stood out because her Instagram is not just full of 'selfies'. Sure there's the odd one here and there but they are few and far between photos of her two beautiful kitties, well composed snaps of her lovely home, and general adventures. Katie's Instagram page has substance - and that's something we really love about it.
We asked Katie about her page, which currently has 12.6K followers:

 'I absolutely love Instagram. I’m a visual person and it’s nice to follow aesthetically pleasing posts.
It's a fun way to connect with other people and it's different to other social media in that it's just photos (and videos), but highly interactive. There’s lots of little communities on there and it’s really nice.'

It's not all good though, Katie tells us about how people have made fake accounts to impersonate her and she's even had her fair share of 'trolls'.

'For the most part, we obviously make conscious decisions to share only the good parts of us/our lives on social media. Some Instagram accounts come across as heavily curated and not very genuine. This can make some people feel inadequate and they compare themselves to an ideal that is impossible to achieve ­ it’s easy to forget it’s not always an accurate portrayal....The way I feel about these downsides is perfectly summed up by this scene from Portlandia (S03 E08):

Fred: Everyone on the Internet, they’re not having as great a time as you think they are.

Carrie: I guess people are just cropping out all the sadness.'

Katie is in the first stages of starting her own natural skincare business, which she describes as 'exciting, stressful and terrifying all in one.' She lives with her fiancé Josh and two rehomed(absolutely adorable) cats: Rupert and Milo who make quite a few appearances in her Insta' photos.

Katie recently worked with her friend Joseph Dawson on a laid back photo shoot at Katies house. She describes Joseph as 'an awesome lifestyle/portrait photographer with a real eye for detail.'  This boho themed shoot featured the Mermaid Lace Bralette from Little Deer (available online now - see above photo) and Katie plans to work with Joseph again in the summer on some more exciting shoots - we can't wait to see the outcome!
Above: Katie in the Mermaid Wide Lace Bralette by Brighton Lace, £28 online now at Little Deer.

Follow Katie at @katiethirks www.instagram.com/katiethirks

Follow Joseph Dawson at @joseph_dawson1 www.instagram.com/joseph_dawson1

All photos in this post are taken from Katies Instagram page. Last photo artwork by The Little Deer, photography by Joseph Dawson.
Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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