New Designer at Little Deer - Jode Pankhurst

Last week we welcomed new brand Jode Pankhurst Ceramics to The Little Deer.  Having met Jode at Bestival years and years ago we then came across her gorgeous collection of ceramics on Instagram this year and couldn't wait to welcome her jewellery collection to the website.

Jode began selling her ceramics at her degree show in 2013 and says: 'It was just a few small pieces like brooches and plant pots that sat along my main body of work, I was really surprised when they actually sold and it spurred me on to keep making new things.' 

Now, 2 years on, Jode works from her studio in Edinburgh which houses a community of over 80 artists. Her jewellery pieces nod directly towards colour and pattern blocking, each piece is handmade by Jode so no two are ever exactly the same - which we think really adds to the charm of the piece. 

Jode explains to us how her ideas rarely begin as sketches but more as a mixture of prototypes meaning the final product doesn't feel over-worked and is more playful and natural. 

Each piece in the collection from Jode Pankhurt is ceramic. She has to make each item larger than the final product will be as the clay shrinks. Once the shape is made Jode paints the clay with coloured underglazes and then fires them in the kiln to 1250 degrees. Once she has glazed areas of the piece she fires them again and finally applies the 18 Karat gold lustre (if required) and then fires them a third time. Finally the piece is sanded and strung onto a necklace. This process is most certainly lengthy but we would definitely agree with Jode when she says 'I reckon it's worth it!' 


Shop the collection of Jode Pankhurst Jewellery here.  Prices range from £12 - £28 

Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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