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Last week we welcomed a new handmade leather goods designer to the website - Rosie Drake Knight. Based in Devon, Rosie discovered a love for leatherwork whilst studying for her degree. It was in her final project at university that Rosie started to experiment with screen print, appliqué and construction. 

Rosie has been selling her creations for quite some time now but she remembers that the first thing she ever sold was a reconstructed vintage dress. Rosie says: 

'When I was about 16 I was really into vintage fabrics and I would buy dresses, curtains, bedding etc from charity shops and make clothes from them. I had quite a good little business going! I gave it up once I left for uni, but it was a great experience and it prepared me for a professional career in the creative industry.'


Rosie works from her home in Devon. She tells us how most of her designs begin with just a colour pallet: 

'My collections tend to be ignited by the love for a certain colour palette, then I build my patterns and products around them. I use a hand drawn process of screen print (rather than digitally transferring the image to the screen, I paint it on by hand). It takes slightly longer in the short term, but I’m adamant that I will keep that organic finish to my print. I then cut my pattern pieces from the hides and foil on my logo. I work from half hides because I hate wastage and a smaller hide allows me to tesselate shapes easily. Its all in the tools at the making up stages as clean cuts and strong studs are super important! Im a perfectionist so I try to give myself loads of time to really focus on the finishing.'

Rosie says she enjoys the screen printing part of the process the most- 'I find it really relaxing and therapeutic.'

We are so excited to welcome Rosie to The little Deer. You can shop her collection of handmade leather goods online here or at our stall at Netil Market every Saturday.

Shop the full collection online at -

Check Rosie out on Instagram here -

Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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