Featured Designer: Rosa Pietsch

We are so pleased to welcome Rosa Pietsch (formally known as Katze Shop) back to The Little Deer. Probably one of the loveliest designers we've met, Rosa never fails to amaze us with each new and unique jewellery design. 

Rosa first started making jewellery in her early teens, using materials such as guitar plectrums, tape measures and doll shoes! Taking direct influence from kitsch, punk and Japanese street fashion, Rosa sold her designs on ebay for spare cash during her teens. 

Rosa now works from her flat in South London and after 3 years of designing and making jewellery around a 9 - 5 full time job, Rosa has decided to take the plunge and quit her job to make jewellery full time. She hopes to one day soon rent a studio but for now works from her cosy desk space in her flat. 

We know all too well how difficult working from home can be (The Little Deer office is run from my own home here in Brighton). Rosa says:

'It's really important to take yourself away from your workspace at least once a day - it's easy to forget to do this when working from home....Great playlists and a series to get into whole working are essential!' - we couldn't agree more! (see our monthly playlists here on the blog)

 We first met Rosa while trading at Bestival about 3 years ago now. We asked Rosa about the up's and down's of trading festivals: 

'I love trading at festivals because you always meet interesting people, and festival dressing is getting more and more bold and creative, which is always inspiring and fun to see. It's a massive bonus to be able to go and see some music in the evenings after a day of trading, and I also love camping. Each event or festival is unpredictable - it's hard to know whether you'll sell loads, or not so much, and what designs are going to be the most popular. It's all worth it though!'

Rosa is amongst our best selling jewellery brands her at The Little Deer and it would be fair to say that could be down to her unusual technique of mixing resin with metallic flakes and coloured dye. We asked Rosa where the inspiration for this technique came from: 

'After I graduated from my fashion design degree in 2010, I was commissioned to make some hand-cast resin jewellery for a designer who was showing at Tokyo fashion week. These were large, clear resin pieces that I made in my dad's art studio. The jewellery started off by me using threads trapped in the resin, but then I saw some sheets of gold and silver leaf sitting in the studio and knew they'd look fantastic mixed into the resin! After this project was completed, I was determined to explore this technique further.

At the same time as learning about resin, I had also started developing laser-cut jewellery, so this sparked the idea of combining the two techniques and adding the resin and gold / silver leaf to laser-cut wood and acrylic. I threw myself into the project, began selling pieces pretty soon afterwards and it all grew from there.'

Each design begins as a sketch then Rosa reworks her sketches into files that a laser-cutter can read. Once the pieces have been cut Rosa hand assembles them and finally adds to resin and silver/gold flakes which is the longest part of the process because great care has to be taken to make sure the resin is applied neatly and there are no trapped air bubbles. The resin itself can then take 24-36 hours to fully cure (dry), before Rosa can then add chains, brooch backs, earring backs, etc.

You can shop our full collection of jewellery by Rosa Pietch online at http://www.thelittledeer.co.uk/collections/rosa-pietsch

Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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