Hollie Fernando - Photography for The Little Deer

23 year old London based photographer Hollie Fernando first caught our eye while we were browsing Instagram. Her photos aren't only utterly stunning but they also hold a kind of energy that makes you want to jump right into the photo itself to experience it first hand. 

Above image for Girls on Film Zine. Model: Rio at Models 1

Hollie's impressive client list includes Sony Music, Zeum Magazine, American Apparel and Lazy Oaf and her online portfolio could keep us occupied for hours. Every shoot is individual, special in it's own way and all of her work is intriguing and somewhat dreamy.

We recently sent Hollie a couple of items from the website and she took a few snaps for us. We just love the free energy to these photos. 


Photographer - Hollie Fernando
Model - Laura Butler
MUA - Fiona Rose
Silver Glitter Dress by Tallulah's Threads £50,
Olive Lace Bralette by Brighton Lace £28
We caught up with Hollie after her recent trip to Barcelona and asked her if she prefers photographing her friends/family or strangers: 

'There are pros to both. I love photographing my friends and family as they are comfortable being around you and understand how you work so are therefore up for trying out new ideas. The first ever nudes I took were of my sister and she was so at peace with posing for me and it came across wonderfully.
Photographing strangers is always thrilling, however, as you have to knock down that wall they have built when the camera comes up. If I have photographed someone being their true selves by the end of the shoot I call it a success.'

Hollie only had amazing things to say about her most recent shoot in Barcelona where she went to Primavera Music Festival for Music and Culture Magazine - The 405. This summer she would like to continue to focus on music photography - concentrating on festivals in particular as well as working on some of her own personal projects. We can't wait to see what Hollie presents next!  

Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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