Little Deer at Netil Market

We first traded at Netil Market in Hackney over 3 years ago after a recommendation from the lovely Hannah at Wolf & Moon Jewellery. Since our first Saturday trading at the market those 3 years ago, we have seen it grow and change dramatically! 


Above: Bao Bar Crowds / Arma Glass Terrariums and hangings.


Netil has an excellent vibe every weekend and this could be largely due to the fact it is the only market in the area that you can actually sit down and relax, chat, drink, eat and enjoy your Saturday. There is a large seating area as you come into the market amongst the delicious range of food stalls, there are also a couple of roof terraces which are absolute bliss in the sunshine. 

Above: Earl Of East London, run by Paul Firmin and Niko Dafkos

The market is small....tiny to be exact (!) but has a huge range of stalls and shops making it one of the most eclectic markets we've traded at, ever. The weekly pop up stalls (which is where we trade) are surrounded by more permanent containers occupied by:

We Are Arrow (Handcrafted Jewellery)
Terrone & Co (Ancona brewed coffee)
Arma Glass (terrariums and glass wall hangings handmade by our good friend, Sarma)
The Generals Barber Shop and Bar (£4 a pint don't you know!)
Earl of East London (Lifestyle brand owned by two of the loveliest guys!)
The Market Peddler (Bike Shop)
Plato (Micro Brewery)
The worshipful Little Shop Of Spectacles (Opticians)
Victoria Yum (Cakes and sweet treats that we could quite happily eat all day, everyday!)
To name but a few...

Above: Our Little Deer Stall at the Market.

We can be found trading at the market once or twice a month, sipping on a beer, eating a cake from Victoria Yum and generally having a damn fantastic time! Keep up to date with when we are trading at Netil market on our social media platforms: Facebook / Instagram.  

All photos by Jade at The Little Deer with the exception of the first photograph which is from the Netil Market Instagram Page. 

Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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