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We first met Stephanie Barnes as a customer at The Little Deer but our similar company names (Deer Brains/Little Deer) and the fact we both live in Brighton lead us to become dear (excuse the pun) friends. 


Stephanie is a PR professional and mother to inspirational blog - Deer Brains which she set up in 2010 along with Sean Hammet (Now at Urban Industry), Tom Stallard (A fantastic photographer) and creative mind - Spasia. The blog grew out of a love for graphic design and was a place for Stephanie to keep her creative pursuits up. She tells us: 

'I wanted a platform to show new artists and rad things to help spark ideas within myself and the readers. The amount of love and support I've received since starting the blog five years ago is insane. 
We've been supported by some amazing places including Puma, Sailor Jerry, Sennheiser, Adidas, Popchips, Coconut Water, Elizabeth Lau, Boxpark, Live Nation etc. I am forever grateful for everything we receive and so blessed to still be so passionate and pumped about it after 5 years. It's super fun creating and supporting amazing people, brands and talents.'

Stephanie in her bangle by Rosa Pietch from our website.

Blogging has developed from a hobby to a full time, well paid job for many people over the last few years. We asked Steph what makes a good blogger: 

'We make very little money from the website, but this is pure passion project and a really inspiring beautiful one. It's like a brain diary to me. Sometimes when I need inspiration for my work or personal projects I check back on the blog and think 'YEAH this is sparking some good shit in my brain right now.' I feel that with a blog you should never have to do anything that you're not comfortable with or think will feed the masses. Stay true to yourself'

Having been a customer of The Little Deer since the beginning we asked Steph what she loves about our website:

'I think the site is fantastic, I've watched it grow over the years and Jade is on point with the information, packaging of the items and photography.  Wolf and Moon is my favourite brand on the website. I purchased the gold earrings a few years ago and wore them almost everyday until I lost one! I have quite a few items from TLD actually which I adore including a bag, a denim jacket and a lovely vintage aztec cape...good investment pieces.'

Stephanie in her Wolf and Moon Earrings

Check out the Deer Brains blog at: 
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