New Brand: Bon Lux

We spotted Bon Lux a couple of months ago and we were spellbound by the pretty colours and even more mesmerised by the beautiful scents of these candles! 

Bon lux candles are small-batch, hand-poured and lovingly packaged all the way over in Melbourne, Australia. 

Since 2014, in a studio in Melbourne, fragrance is blended, mixed with wax and poured in small batches of 6-10 at a time. Finest quality soy wax is used because it is non-toxic, creamy coloured, carries scent softly, and is sustainably farmed. Cotton wicks, hand-blown re-usable glass votives, and non-bleached card boxes are all used to minimise impact on the environment. 

Bon Lux is made with love at each step....from sketch; creation of the fragrances, to blending, pouring, hand labelling and packaging.

We have five different scented full size candles from the collection here at . If you aren't sure which scent to go for try the pack of 6 tea lights - one in each scent. 


Flora: This candle blends bright notes of daffodil and sweet lily of the valley flowers with fresh cut grass.

Grass and Clover: Burn this candle to bring the freshness of outdoors, the sound of the Sunday lawn mower, after the rain - lovely!

Asleep in CloudsBurn this candle for that fresh sheets feeling that everyone loves!

Bonne Nuit: A scent which blends notes of violet petal with pink peppercorns and earthy oakmoss.

Sweet Smoke: Our favourite here at The Little Deer - one of the more masculine scents. A perfect mix of honey and beeswax with woodsmoke and spice

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Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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