Exclusive Collaboration with Megan Clarke

Back in December last year we teamed up for the first time with ceramicist Megan Clarke on a collaboration pot for Little Deer

Due to the success of the last collaboration we have shared ideas with Megan again and this February she has created us a beautiful oval planter/vase. 

The vase features a painted horse and foliage. There are only four ever made and each is hand painted meaning they are all slightly different and unique. You can only purchase these beautiful vases here at The Little Deer

Megan hand builds all her ceramics using a slab technique, which simply explained means that she rolls out the clay and build forms from this.

We asked Megan about the collaboration and the ideas and planning behind the design: 

'I chose the oval vases to be made from crank stoneware which is a coarser clay, it is grogged which gives the clay a flecked, raw and stone-like quality, a texture which we were both excited to explore.

The illustration on the vase stems from an ongoing love of drawing animals that make me chuckle. I like to make illustrations and ceramics based on animals in a way that appears that I am obsessed with them, when in fact I’m sort of indifferent.

I find it funny to draw animals looking silly. The playful illustrative quality of the vases are perfect for Little Deer as they are a good collaboration of function and character and a great progression from my hanging face planters.'

You can shop this beautiful oval hand painted vase only at The Little Deer - Here. 

Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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