Meet Arianna Danielson

Arianna Danielson recently styled our Tall, Light and Airy Copper Rail in her home and it looks incredible! 

We came across Arianna a few months back when searching for some serious interior inspiration on Instagram. One thing stood out about Arianna, she isn't afraid of dark walls or accumulation. 

For years I have kept everything in my home very light. Light floors, light wood, light walls. Arianna proves that you don't have to be scared of dark walls and a little 'clutter'. Her home is an amazing collection of things, each as beautiful as the next and a large proportion of the home has dark walls/floors. Her bedroom is even black - and it looks brilliant! 

Arianna has styled her Tall Light and Airy Copper Rail against a dark charcoal wall. The beautiful wicker divider softens the shot with a beautiful large green plant entering from the left. A gorgeous shot in a gorgeous home. 

You can purchase the Tall, Light and Airy Copper Rail online now -

Take a closer look at Arianna's home on instgram @arianna_danielson

Jade Golding
Jade Golding


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