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I For Detail Pop Up

Woah - December was a blur! We made more copper goodies than we thought possible! We also managed to deck out our first ever pop up shop in London, just off of London's Oxford Street. 

Opposite Selfridges, the Pop Up was the perfect location. Curated by Nina (owner of jewellery shop Magpie on the Run), the pop up featured some incredible and unique brands such as Chalk Jewellery, Edge of Ember, Orwell & Austen, Sarah Baily and so many more! 

We fell in love with one brand in particular and will be stocking their pieces very soon, watch this space for more information on that! 


We provided a number of rails for the pop up in a variety of different designs including the Ceiling Hung Rail, Porter Style Rail and the Rail With Ladder. 

The open evening was a blast and it was so lovely to see the pop up come together (despite the fact Nina had barely any time to get the whole space set up and ready for shopping!) 

You can shop the range of Copper Shop Fixtures featured in this post on our website at

Our Love: Netil Market

We first started trading at Netil Market in Hackney London about 3 years ago and have been there on and off ever since.  

We currently trade at the East London market most Saturdays along with a number of other lovely shops and food stalls including: Earl Of East London, Arrow Jewellery, Arma Glass, Hopscotch London, Rebecca Gladstone, Qlinq Jewellery, Morty & Bobs, Pizzas Don't Cry and loads more - there's too many to name! 

Our stall at the market is always light and we try to keep it not too crowded. Each week we feature different pieces from different designers to keep it fresh and new. 

The market is one of the only ones in the area that you can spend all day in. Despite it's tiny size this market has seating areas to eat and drink, a rooftop 'garden' and plenty of permanent and temporary stalls to browse through. In the warmer months customers tend to have a little shop and then enjoy some delicious food in the seating area and then treat themselves to a cake or a beer in the sunshine. 


Earl Of East London Shop

Fluffy Little Dog!

Hopscotch London's stall next to us.

Best Pizzas in London! Seriously.

Arma Glass Shop for all your succulent and glass needs(!)

Come visit us at Netil Market most Saturdays - we can't wait to see you there!

Pop Up Shop by Desire Lines Clothing Featuring The Little Deer

We are so pleased to be part of the pop up shop set up by Desire Lines Clothing here in the heart of the Brighton North Laine. 

The shop changes hands each week with the intention of being a collective space to share ideas, skills and products. From the week of 12th October - 18th October the space is being taken over by Desire Lines Clothing whose aim is to provide an alternative to the throw-away fashion culture and give a modern approach to vintage. By fusing vintage clothing with their in house designs they aim to produce timeless collections. 

Desire Lines have asked us to share the space and exhibit some pieces from our key designers. 

Visit the shop on Gloustershire Road, Brighton to find out more about the designers at The Little Deer and let us show you why it's so important to shop with small brands where the designer is involved in the processes from start to finish and makes each individual item in limited numbers rather than the mass produced products on the high street. We believe it is so important to treasure what you buy for years and years. Little Deer pieces are for life, not just for Christmas!

Also featured at the pop up shop is Glasshouse who specialise in contemporary stained glass accessories including terrariums, lanterns, planters and jewellery. All handmade in Hove, UK and photography postcards by 'Born Missing'. 

During the week Desire Lines will be organising a collaborative patchwork project, making a quilt from recycled fabrics to raise money for War on Want who 'fights against the root causes of poverty and human rights violation.' Please bring any scraps of material to contribute to the patchwork. 

Desire Lines:


Born Missing:

War on Want: