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Danielle Tweedie - 0.05mm Fine Liner Champion

Little Deer owner - Jade, met Danielle while studying at university. After bonding over bicycles, music and a shared love of all things vintage, Danielle started helping Little Deer out at Vintage fairs and markets back in August 2011 and has since designed two fabric prints for our in-house brand 'Cordial' clothing. Danielle has also worked for Jane Bowler, Lily Kamper and has had one of her designs put into production for Illustrated People's Spring/Summer '13 collection.
Most recently she has been selling detailed line illustrations on Etsy and at Fairs around the UK. Each A5 illustration can take between 1 - 5 hours to complete and Danielle only sells originals of her work. She tells us:  
'The less detailed ones can be completed in about an hour if I really put myself to work (I always need a break in between as my hand aches after a while!) The full page ones take the longest, especially with a 0.05mm fine liner - again, I have a tea break every half an hour so to let my hand rest! These are the most satisfying to finish after working on them for a long time! The last few lines are always exciting.' 
Danielle tells us how despite it sounding cliche, the illustrations genuinely evolved from doodling in her sketchbook. 

'It was the first time I'd picked up a pen since graduating and started drawing lines over and over again. I naturally followed each line, not having too much control over each one. I created similar line drawings during my final major project at uni, which took inspiration from the data recorded on exercise apps, so I think subconsciously these influenced my illustrations too - the style almost resembles map contours and mountain ranges.'

We look forward to seeing what Danielle will come up with next. She tells us how she would like to start working on larger scale illustrations, on larger surfaces with thicker pens and possibly working on 3d objects rather than paper. 

You can purchase Danielle Tweedies original illustrations on her Etsy Page and at Outlaw Craft Fair in Bristol 2nd-3rd May 2015. You can also buy her artwork at Native Makers in Plymouth on 6th June: 

'Native Makers is run by a couple of friend's back in Plymouth who curate quality makers markets and workshops to support artisan craft in the South West. Their first market was in December last year which I took part in - the success of this inspired me to set up my own online shop and continue developing my illustrations.' 

We can't wait to see what beautiful creations Danielle comes up with next. Lot's of Little Deer love for this girl! 

Armaglass - First Generation Plant Botherer.

We met Sarma, creator of Armaglass at Netil Market - which is a weekly market in Hackney, London that we trade at on Saturdays. Sarma is there every week with a stall full of her hand crafted terrariums, glass hangings and her friend Ana: Kana Ceramics.
After swooning over her geometric, succulent wonders for weeks on end, owner of Little Deer - Jade finally decided it was time to purchase one.

Jade says: 'After spending weeks on end circling Sarma's stall and scoping out which terrarium was the 'best' I chose this medium sized glass pyramid with white pebbles. It's a great plant for me to keep at the office as it requires little attention, just a little tiny cup of water every couple of weeks and this little guy is happy.'

Sarma has recently launched her website and has begun making more glass and dried plant wall hangings.

Find her (and us!) at Netil Market, Westgate Street, London E8 every Saturday.

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